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Giuliani Weighs Presidential Run; Seeks Advice From All Three Wives

Sure, Rudy Giuliani would be a great presidential candidate and would very likely make an outstanding President. But he has to weigh his decision to run very carefully with his three wives.

He has not only loved as a man might. He has loved three women enough to marry them. Given the neo-Puritanical ethic that seems to haunt much of our current populace, such a frequent vote for marital bliss can hardly be called prudent preparation for the slanderous rigors of contemporary politics.

While many who read this commentary will look on his marital mania with understanding or indifference, we must also imagine the field day the other candidates could have bestirring the moderate conscience of much of America with a conniving iteration and ceaseless reiteration of his serial proclivity.

No doubt the prospect troubles the good man. Perhaps in the middle of the night visions of his three sugar plums dance before him, and he contemplates with their lovely apparitions if the majority of America might forgive him for loving them, not only as a man well might, but for having the heart to marry all of them.

We can only await the result of his wifely deliberations. Should he decide to run, imagine if all three of them rush to his defense simultaneously!

We can hear both sides now. While much is dismissively predicable, we might enjoy an innovative defense, such as, since people are living longer now, three wives are more understandable.

Let’s hope he decides to give the election a go. Speaking with eager irresponsibility, the unprecedented political muddle might well become the highlight of the election.

Source by Tom Attea

Giuliani Weighs Presidential Run; Seeks Advice From All Three Wives
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