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Registered Nurse Licenses

The person who wants to become a professional nurse, in all cases, must acquire some education and later tests. Even the CNA (nursing assistant) today must obtain hands-on and classroom education and also seek certification through testing that involves questions with multiple choices and assessment (hands-on and supervised).

Certifications and education are very significant to regulate the quality of nursing profession and not least important to keep patients safe from nurses who are not skilled enough in the nursing practice. The licensed nurse practitioner (LPN) often become a representation of the first steps on the nursing career ladder. The LPN traditionally requires an one-year studying course from a junior college or vocational school as well as usual testing for certification.

The role of the nurse has changed drastically over the past century, and today nurses can find great satisfaction in the choice of roles of increased responsibilities and in health care settings. On the other hand, it’s true that many nurses are often overworked, because of the nursing shortage which is a problem among an aging nurse population. Finally, the nurse or nursing student can go on to earn a master’s or doctoral degree and serve as an APN (advanced practical nurse), CNS (clinical nurse specialist) or as a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) among other nursing specialties.

These nurses either focus on a specific illness, disease procedure or health care setting, or they can become skilled in a wide range of health care issues, much like a general practitioner physician. Nurses who obtain a graduate degree or higher often work autonomously, in tangent with a physician, or in administrative positions in various health care environments.

It usually takes approximately two to six years to get viable nursing skills, said nursing shortage can keep forefront demand for nurses for the next decade or maybe longer. After that, it is prognosticated that nursing salaries will increase as rapidly as the demand for nursing skills.

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Registered Nurse Licenses
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