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Three Little Girls

The election is over and I’m unhappy with my country and the world right now. It is leaf raking time again. It seems like there are more leaves than ever before. I feel overwhelmed with the chore. The day is mild. The wind storms have blown almost all of the leaves from the trees. But still there is brilliant vignettes of color to enjoy.

The three little girls, my little neighbor friends come running over. “Hello Linda, hello Linda.” Despite all my faults real or imaginary, they are always happy to see me. They love me. They stand with me on the south side of my yard overlooking the lake.

While I rake leaves they tell me their sweet stories. Life is pure for them. The sun is shining the sky is blue, and they look over to the sparkling lake and say, “You can see the flag!” I look up to see the scene. The American flag is waving down on the lake’s park lawn, against the bright blue sky and brilliant sparkling water, reflecting autumn’s colors. The three little girls standing in front of me put their hands to their hearts and start to sing. “Oh say can you see by the dawns early light—–” I stand with them so moved by their innocence as they sing our countries song. They love their flag and they love their country. I am moved to tears by this moment in time. And I realize, no matter what is going on in my country, whether I agree or disagree. This is my homeland. I will love it as a mother loves her child. And I will try to make a difference.

Source by Linda Doty

Three Little Girls
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